A Trusted IT Partner in Healthcare

Medical professionals face very real challenges with Information Technology. The complexities of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) combined with the regulatory issues of remaining HIPAA-compliant can be daunting. When it comes to determining what type of IT Infrastructure you need, how to establish a Business Continuity Plan for the large amounts of data that you'll generate, and where to find a partner who can address these issues, Integration is the answer.

Our healthcare solutions provide a delivery approach that drives efficient practice operations and supports collaboration, quality measures, automation, and compliance while simultaneously enhancing security. With Microsoft products and technologies, you can incorporate your existing systems and business processes to drive more connected and efficient services.

Integration will help to implement the required HIPAA Security Rules.

Technical Safeguards

  • Access Control. A covered entity must implement technical policies and procedures that allow only authorized persons to access electronic protected health information (e-PHI).24
  • Audit Controls. A covered entity must implement hardware, software, and/or procedural mechanisms to record and examine access and other activity in information systems that contain or use e-PHI.25
  • Integrity Controls. A covered entity must implement policies and procedures to ensure that e-PHI is not improperly altered or destroyed. Electronic measures must be put in place to confirm that e-PHI has not been improperly altered or destroyed.26
  • Transmission Security. A covered entity must implement technical security measures that guard against unauthorized access to e-PHI that is being transmitted over an electronic network.27

Integration will run network assessments and risk analysis on all new rules of HIPAA to make sure you are still compliant.


  • Risk Management Plan
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • · Off-site backup plan
  • Audit logs
  • Encryption
  • Password complexity
  • · Acceptable use policy
  • Destruction of media
  • Annual risk assessment

With decades of experience in Information Technology and extensive experience with healthcare providers, medical billing organizations, and hospitals, we are uniquely positioned to provide the guidance and resources to make your EMR transition smooth.

Stop missing opportunities and sacrificing patient care to deal with frustrating IT issues. Ongoing management services are available to keep your critical infrastructure online, and Business Continuity services will allow you to continue operations in spite of a catastrophic event.

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